5 Reasons You Should Use An Ultrasonic Cleaner

Below Are 5 Reasons Why You Should Use An Ultrasonic Cleaner! 

A tool is only as useful as it is clean. Without adequate cleaning, the functions of disinfection and sterilization cannot be achieved. In environments where the integrity, efficiency, and quality of your tooling investment can largely be deterred by the sanitation of the instruments, like with medical settings, you must have some tricks up your sleeves to decontaminate them correctly. Ultrasonic cleaning has long been considered one of the most effective and non-destructive way to clean tools- from medical instruments to tablet tooling. Additionally, this high-tech cleaning process also saves time, significantly reduces cost, and is better for the environment as compared to other modes of decontamination.

What is ultrasonic?

Ultrasonic is a science that aptly consists of a specific frequency of sound waves, known popularly as “ultrasound” to do its bidding. Ultrasounds are sound waves with frequencies much higher than would be audible to human hearing, craftily utilizing a range from 20 kHz all the way to 40 kHz. The lower or higher frequencies are to the normal human hearing, chances are they will be used for special applications.

What is an ultrasonic cleaning machine?

An ultrasonic cleaning machine makes use of high-frequency, high-intensity ultrasonic sound waves to agitate a fluid and facilitate or enhance the removal of foreign contaminants from surfaces that have been submerged in an ultrasonically activated liquid. In simpler words, this high-quality technique of cleaning uses sound waves to scrub or shake up the grime on an instrument and a liquid solvent to rinse away the residue and the loosened matter.

Typically, the ultrasonic machine might be used with water. However, selecting a solvent that is appropriate enough for the object to be cleaned and the type of soiling present can make a world of a difference. It can be widely used with aqueous solutions such as surfactants, detergents, and alkaline and acid cleaners.

images of ultrasonic cleaner being used in various settings

How does ultrasonic cleaning work?

The ultrasonic cleaning process uses mechanical vibrations to agitate a solution to efficiently aid in the removal of soil from surfaces that may be particularly hard to reach such as fine serrations or box lock joints. The sound waves in the liquid solvent produce microscopic implosions of bubbles that burst on contact with surfaces. This creates a vacuum-like scrubbing action and helps dislodge soil from difficult surfaces in a process called cavitation. The cavitation then removes bioburden from the surface of the items drowned in the liquid.

Reasons you should use an ultrasonic cleaner

Ultrasonic cleaners are new-age technology that is miles ahead of its counterparts both in function and efficiency. Here are five reasons why you should consider getting an ultrasonic cleaner for all your cleaning ventures:

1. Stop the reign of harsh chemicals

    Many devices in the surgical setting today are intricate and delicate. Often times than not, harsh chemicals and cleaners may be the go-to for cleaning these measurably fragile instruments. Not only are these chemicals expensive to purchase but they may also be immensely corrosive to some appliances which in turn ups the expense to get them replaced.

    Ultrasonic cleaners provide a safety blanket for all of your instruments, whether sturdy or frail. Since cavitation does most of the hardy work, this process easily replaces the use of chemicals that may not be as environmentally forgiving, to say the least. Reduce your dependence on chemicals by using ultrasonic cleaners!

    2. Cleaning and disinfection, all in the same place

      A special feature of ultrasonic cleaners is the fact that you can clean as well as sterilize an instrument at the same time. Did you know that it is common practice for medical implants to be cleaned in ultrasonic cleaners? Ultrasonic cleaning can not only work best for impervious nooks and crannies but can also be gentle on delicate and difficult-to-clean medical devices such as Minimally Invasive Surgical (MIS) instruments, laparoscopic devices, and robotic surgical attachments.

      This cleaning technique has proven time and time again to be one of the most effective cleaning techniques in medical and tablet operations. If contamination is a concern for you, an ultrasonic cleaner is what you should invest in!

      3. Does a better job

        There is no better way to soil out of a product than by using an ultrasonic cleaner, irrespective of the type of soiling. Often, a chemical cleaner fails to get all of the grime and soil from instruments even after extensive washing. Ultrasonic cleaning can change that. Using high-frequency sound waves, these ultrasonic cleaners can get the hardest of stains out of an item, including smoke and soot. Items that are recovered from fire hazards can be cleaned to a T in an ultrasonic cleaner making them look and feel brand new.

        4. Save time with ultrasonic cleaners

          Are you on a strict time constraint? An ultrasonic cleaner can help you get rid of last-minute soil with perfection. Not only do ultrasonic cleaners help clean an item but they can also considerably reduce the time it takes to achieve these results. Instead of having a team of people going at it to clean the item with a plethora of cleaning products, you can simply put these items in an ultrasonic cleaning bath and forget about it.

          In no time at all, your items will come out looking cleaner than ever and you didn’t even have to do any hard work! Save money and manpower with the help of ultrasonic cleaners!

          5. Works for everything

            There is a reason some of the high precision industries like aerospace and healthcare make use of ultrasonic cleaners - they just work better. That is because the cavitation action of these machines can reach places that are simply impossible to reach even with microscopic brushes! Adept in removing built-up stain in complex areas, these ultrasonic cleaning machines can do a better job at cleaning difficult stains and delicate items. Did you know that even gun enthusiasts also use ultrasonic cleaners?

            With demands for cleanliness increasing steadily, most industries are relying on ultrasonic cleaners to optimize the workspace. Ultrasonic cleaning is a unique technology that uses its abilities to free up complex stains and grime. Need help with that stubborn stain? Get an ultrasonic cleaner such as an Elmasonic P60H!

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