Should I Buy the Elmasonic P60H Heated Ultrasonic Cleaner?


Elmasonic P60H Ultrasonic Cleaner

The Elmasonic P60H is an ultrasonic cleaning device that utilizes ultrasonic waves and cleaning solvents to clean and sanitize objects such as dental and surgical instruments.

This unit consists of a tank which size varies from 2.75 to 28 litres, a lid, and a power cord. It has a multiprocessor-controlled ultrasonic cleaning with multifrequency technology that makes it suitable for cleaning purposes.

The p line can be operated at ranges between 37 kHz and 80 kHz. The frequency is easily adjustable allowing one to choose the perfect intensity at which they’d like their items cleaned depending on factors such as the type of surface material being cleaned. Hence allowing perfect cleaning without damage to the items.

Usually, standard sonic applications are conducted at 37 kHz while the treatment and cleaning of smaller items in greater detail are performed at 80 kHz. While operation at 80 kHz takes longer, the emlasonic P60H at this frequency creates cavitation streams the reaches even the smallest capillaries through microscopic cavitation bubbles.

The P line can be operated in 4 modes optimized for different functions. They include the normal mode (fixed frequency) for mixing, the sweep mode for cleaning, the pulse mode for intense cleaning/mixing, or the Degas mode for degassing. It has an adjustable digital thermostat that ranges from 30oC to 80oC.

It also has a digital timer that ranges from 1-60 minutes with an automatic switch off, or for continuous operation with a manual switch off. The unit turns off automatically after 12 hours of continuous operation or if the temperature approaches 90oC. Therefore, with the elmasonic p60h series, one has total control over the ultrasonic cleaning process in that one gets to select the ultrasonic power, the frequency, mode, time, and temperature.

Modes of the P60H


  • Tanks up to 28 litres capacity
  • Multiple ultrasonic cleanout modes (normal, sweep out, pulse mode, and degas).
  • Adjustable power and ultrasonic frequencies
  • Digital readout of power, frequency, temperature, and time


Lab Equipment with the P60H

Medical and dental instruments are manufactured and created with great precision due to the nature of their use. Here are some reasons as to why the Elmasonic P60H is the best ultrasonic cleaner for not only medical but also dental items as well:

Complex geometrics:

Due to their varied nature of use, different dental instruments have different shapes. Cleaning some of these shapes can pose a challenge. However, the ultrasonic dental cleaner, Elmasonic P60H, easily cleans these items because once they are immersed into the tank no part of an instrument is left untouched.

Delicate instruments:

Some dental instruments are made of very delicate materials which can easily be damaged by harsh cleaning conditions. Being that the Elmasonic P60H gives the user the flexibility of adjusting to different modes, frequencies and temperature, the user can easily exercise control preventing any damage that can arise.

Proper rising after cleaning

To properly clean an item, it is important that it is exposed to some cleaning chemical to ensure that all the dirt is removed. The chemicals have to be cleaned off as well by immersing the instrument in deionized water. One of the best ways to rinse off the detergent is through ultrasonic cleaning using the Elmasonic P60H dental cleaner.


Elmasonic P60H Full Kid

1. Time-saving

    The Elmasonic P60H will make your work easier and more efficient as you’ll spend way much less time cleaning and have it done properly. You’ll be able to dictate the amount of time you’d want dedicated to the cleaning process.

    2. Maintaining your instruments in perfect condition:

      By offering you more control over your ultrasonic cleaning process, you’ll be able to clean much better while maintaining the condition of your items as well.

      3. Reduces costly chemicals

      Cutting down the cost of repurchasing chemicals with certain modes gives you ease that your cycles of cleaning will be used most effectively. 

      Where can I purchase one? You can learn more by clicking this link.

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