Is Ultrasonic Gun Cleaning Worth it?

Cleaning guns with an ultrasonic gun cleaner is a life and time saver...

If you are a daily shooter or shoot once in a while, you know exactly how tedious gun cleaning can be. As good owners, taking care of your weapons can bring pride, joy, and a sense of true ownership. Many gun owners seek alternative ways to clean their weapons; ultrasonic cleaners are just one way of doing so.

No matter what you own, a AR15, small gun parts or just a pistol, most owners have no idea that they could clean their weapons in a tank that vibrates millions of bubbles, in a few short minutes.

Ultrasonic cleaners have been around for a long time and most gun owners still have no idea what they are. It’s not widely popular but some owners absolutely love them. In just 4 steps, the tanks are simple to use:

  1.  Add your gun parts onto a cleaner basket
  2.  Load them into the cleaner
  3.  Add water and cleaning solution
  4.  Run for a few minutes.

The ultrasonic cleaning frequencies, within the tank, vibrate in areas sometimes not reachable by hand. The cleaners remove grime, dirt, carb build up and more within minutes.

SharperTek's Ultrasonic Gun Cleaning Package

Some guns that are caked with grime might take a few runs to clean effectively. Be sure to also re-lube the firearms after the clean, since any cleaning solution will remove lubricants in the firearms. Another precaution is to have a lid on top of the cleaner so debris does not vibrate outside the tank. 

For the best use of cleaning the entire firearm, be sure to disassemble the weapon and use a cleaning solution that contains quality wetting agents, emulsifiers, rust inhibitors and surfactants. If you are shopping for ultrasonic gun cleaning be sure to look for cleaners that operate around 40Hz for optimal grime removal.

Before and After of Gun Cleaner

Ultrasonic gun cleaning works best on trigger assemblies, slide rails, gas pistons, bolts and other gun components. Your guns will look good as new!

Ultrasonic gun cleaning is super easy and takes just a few minutes (no more elbow grease necessary!). 

Lost on what cleaner to buy? Check out our most popular gun cleaning ultrasonic unit, the XPS360-8L.

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