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More on SharperTek Ultrasonic Cleaners 

SharperTek manufactures the highest of quality ultrasonic systems, what sets this manufacture apart is their state of the art ultrasonic transducers, custom units, popular solution, and more. These cleaners can be found to clean carburetors, small parts, weapons, parts degreasers, vapor, rotary sprays, medical and aerospace parts. No part is too large or too small, SharperTek has an ultrasonic cleaner for all parts. 

About SharperTek

Located in Detroit, Michigan SharperTek is a global manufacture of American made custom ultrasonic cleaners and systems. SharperTek also specializes in tooling, plastic welding, and small parts ultrasonics. 

Top SharperTek Ultrasonic Cleaners & Products 

SharperTek is highly known for their ultrasonic gun cleaning packages along with their popular Shellac Buster ultrasonic cleaning solution. With a large selection to choose from, there are many shapes and sizes that best suit everyone's needs. 

Here are the top products we recommend based on customer reviews: 

SharperTek XPD360-8L 

  • The most popular ultrasonic cleaner from SharperTek. 
  • Idle for machine shops, auto repair shops, or individuals looking to clean carburetors, dental equipment, or other parts. 
  • Includes 40,000hz transducers for optimal and efficient cleaning. 

SharperTek Handgun Cleaning Package

  • Includes a 10 gallon ultrasonic cleaner perfect for police departments, gun shops or enthusiasts looking to clean their guns fast.
  • Includes polycarbonate trays to help protect your guns from scratching.
  • Lube and cleaning solution along with accessories provided.

SharperTek Shellac Buster

  • The best solution to clean engine and carburetor parts. 
  • Best bang for buck, can be used multiple times within cycles. 
  • Removes rust, oil, dirt and grime.