Fully Automatic Autoclaves ( EZPlus Series )

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EZPlus Fully Automatic Sterilizers

Looking for a EZPlus steam autoclave? These EZPlus models offer large capacity chambers, closed drying doors, a state of the art multi-color display, flexible loading options, a secure self locking door and come with a 2 year parts & labor warranty. 

Features of an EZPlus

1. EZGlide Self Locking Door

2. EZFil Front Water Filling

3. EZView Display (Multi-Color) - Easy to navigate and read in multiple languages

4. Capacity - Comes in 9' and 11' chamber sizes

5. Network Port (rear located)

6. Closed Drying Door - Door stays shut during entire dry cycle which ensures high efficiency and sterilized drying

7. Dynamic Air Removal - Removes air from chamber easily

8. Meets Standards & Directives - ANSI/AAMI-ST55

EZPlus Sterilization Programs

The EZPlus is cleared by the FDA for easy to use sterilization programs. As a bonus, the EZPlus offers 2 customizable sterilization programs (A and B**). Chamber brite cleaner is also added to help maintain the steam autoclave.

 *Additional dry time can be added
** Both custom A and custom B programs are not FDA cleared, this is the responsibility of the operator to validate custom sanitation cycles. Please note that cycle times are approximate and can vary depending on users instruments and loads. 

EZPlus Steam Autoclave Loading Options

EZ9Plus has 3 large trays and offers many versatile loading options such as loading with 2 full and 2 half cassettes (cassette rack included) with purchase. Load with 3 stainless steel trays. Load with 2 stainless steel trays and a optional pouch rack. 

EZ11Plus has 5 large trays and offers an even more versatile loading options for larger sterilization needs. Load up to 4 full and 4 half cassettes. Load 5 stainless steel trays or load 4 stainless steel trays and 1 standard pouch. Load with 3 stainless steel trays, 1 standard and 1 option pouch rack for ultimate sterilization.