Top 5 Industries Where You May Find Ultrasonic Cleaning

Let's face it. There are many industries out in the world that use specific and broad ultrasonic cleaners. There are also many industries who can use more of them. Ultrasonic cleaners come in many shapes and sizes, they fit in numerous industries that rely cleaning specific products. You can find units anywhere from a top auto repair shop in Illinois to a  boutique dental office in California. Here is a list of the top 5 industries where you can find these units working their cleaning magic: 

1. Automotive

Automotive parts cleaning can range from parts such as brakes, brake calipers, engine parts, car electronics and assembly metals. Many restoration companies or enthusiasts use our products to help shine up some of the most important parts of their vehicles. These parts are filled with grime, grease, dust, oil or other contaminants that may need cleaning. Carburetors are a hot topic for cleaning since they are the most sought out parts that need to be cleaned. For our best selection visit here.

2. Aerospace

The Aerospace industry uses a variety of units to help clean their parts. Most units are industrial cleaners which provide fast, thorough precision cleaning. These larger units provide some of the most sophisticated cleaning technologies to meet quality standards. Some parts include fuel nozzles, airfoils and blades of turbines. Cleaning such parts can even help increase life expectancy in certain tools and products. Keeping these products clean helps ensure safety within the industry. 

3. Electronics

Ultrasonic cleaning is one of the best ways to clean electronics. For example, hard drive discs can be cleaned properly using any of our units. Do you have an ink-jet printer? You can clean the heads properly with one of our units. Sensors and other water-resistant electronics are perfect for a quick clean as well. There might be numerous amount of items at home that might need a quick clean!

4. Medical/Dental

One of the largest users of ultrasonic units is the dental industry. Daily medical practice constantly demands instrument cleaning and sterilization of tools, within the workplace. Some tools for example, can be of surgical tools, implants, lab equipment, dental equipment, prostheses, and much more. Private practices and Hospitals share a common need to keep their equipment clean. We are here to provide them the units they need to keep their equipment sterile and safe. 

5. Optics

The optics industry includes some of the following products that are cleaned on a regular basis: silicon wafers, solar panels, high resolution glass plates, lenses, collimators and more. Optics are highly sensitive and fragile in some nature. They need to be cleaned with care and precision. Simple cleaning can also take place. 

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Are you in an industry that has daily cleaning needs? Share your story below with us!

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